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Share trading is also known as stock trading where one invests in the shares or stocks of public listed companies or organizations for a profit stemming from an increased share price or from a given dividend income. It used to be that share trading was done on a long-term basis as an investment but today, share trading sees more investors looking for short-term gain through an active buying and selling of shares.

Purpose of Shares

A trader must understand the basics of share trading; the very first is to understand the purpose or premise of share trading and the stock market. Shares are traded when a private company is positioned for growth but lack the funds. They need to take a loan or get some private funding from some source. Today, the company can offer shares of its organization to the public which makes any buyer a part owner of the company albeit a very small portion. This shares offering is implemented through an initial public offering or IPO to the public to purchase. The IPO’s opening price is based on what the company stock is perceived to be worth at the offering time. The company shares are traded over time by traders who expect the company to improve in its operations and head for better growth and performance.

Stock Exchanges

Shares trading are happening in the stock market where the Internet has impacted the trading scene drastically to make it more global. There are many stock exchanges all over the world with the Internet expanding the accessibility to various trading platforms. One of the more prominent stock exchange houses is the New York SE. Another is the US Nasdaq. These are considered major stock exchanges which offer a more liquid trading platform for investors and businesses.

Broker Accounts

For shares trading to happen, individual traders must open an account with a registered broker first. A registered broker is a full-service broker company that assists you in managing your shares trading account. The broker firm can offer advice on buying and selling shares as well as fulfilling order requests. Online shares trading brokers are available with similar services but at lower commissions and moderate service structures. Online brokers are getting more popular with individual traders who prefer the more economical and self-controlled system in shares trading.

Placing Trades

When you are ready to place a trade on some preferred shares, you can do so online or with a telephone call to your broker. An online shares trading is very simple; a direct log in to your shares trading account to place your purchase on the preferred shares is all you need. With the sufficient funds, your request is processed by the system.  With the advanced technology on the Internet today, you can expect your order confirmation in seconds.

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Share trading

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Share trading

This article was published on 2011/08/17