Sanctuary Belize Real Estate Is Perfect for Retirees

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Are you planning to retire in a place where you can definitely forget about the worries that have been plaguing you in our modern era? If you are, then there is no other place that is perfect for you than Sanctuary Belize!

Although you may argue that there are a lot of places in Belize where one can purchase a retirement home, nothing compares to the luxury Sanctuary Belize offers at such affordable rates. Time is very important so why waste it on working your life away?

Retiring in Belize requires less of what one might expect. The retirement age is only at least 45 and you can even take your dependents and spouse when you apply for their wonderful Qualified Retired Person program. QRP- approved applicants get to enjoy perks such as exemption from taxes. Money brought in and earned from outside the country won’t be charged of any income tax and even taking a vehicle into the country won’t be touched by any tax impositions. You can import vehicles free of tax every five years!

The QRP program is, of course, designed to attract foreigners into retiring in the country. It seems to be working since the number of retirees has significantly increased in the past years and people are definitely enjoying their lives here. Spent amidst the natural beauty and abundance of Mother Earth, everyday life here is nothing short of awesome in this breathtaking environment made up of rainforests, mountains and beaches.

The natives, despite the variety of races living here, get along very well because they are very easygoing and hospitable. That is why no foreigner who has chosen to live here ever felt they were outsiders. Welcoming and warm, natives here are good-natured people who know how to treat their guests.

Going around the place shouldn’t be hard. Sanctuary Belize is located only south of Belize City, with other places easily within reach. A Belize real estate property in Sanctuary Belize is one of the most wanted and sought after properties in the whole country because of its breathtaking sceneries and protected environment. Of the flourishing 14,000 acres of flora and fauna, beaches and winding rivers, only a substantial amount of 3,000 acres will be dedicated to structures and housing.

Amenities of the community include private resorts and spas where residents can be treated and pampered like royalty and be able to stay in one of the cabana-style huts they offer. If this is not preferred then the 32 luxury rooms with different themes really makes it a worthwhile stay.

The Marina Village is the focal point of the community where people can shop for everything they may need such as groceries and other shopping necessities. The place has restaurant where one can dine and taste what Belize can offer.

The affordability and the beauty of the houses here in this community are incomparable. They have several financial options one can avail of if one is thinking of purchasing real estate property for future retirement plans.

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Sanctuary Belize Real Estate Is Perfect for Retirees

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This article was published on 2011/04/04